Lighting up Cambridge

LED screen prototype

(Initially published Feb 2014, on my original blog)

Following an open evening at Makespace last year I’ve been working with Cambridge University to build a light display to be exhibited in the City in March. The aim is to build a ‘low res’ video wall using multi colour LEDs which will then be hung outside of Pitt building for the week.

In order to prove the concept I’ve initially built a small mock up. The full size version will be 2 metres wide by 1 metre high.

This uses WS2812 addressable LEDs which can be individually set to specific intensities of red, blue and green to give a huge range of colours. These are controlled using Fadecandy boards which split the signal to the separate strips and LEDs. The whole thing is then orchestrated using a Raspberry Pi running the Fadecandy server software. This is a great piece of kit and has made the setup really easy.

Currently the prototype is fed video or interactively controlled from a laptop but for the full size version the aim is to allow interactivity from web connected mobile phones and tablets.

I have the waves example running but am looking for further ideas. I’ll be exhibiting in the Cambridge Guildhall on Saturday 14th Feb and home to get feedback and ideas from people ready for March.

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